About Us

Stellar offers Custom Designed, Fully Sublimated, Individual and Unique Sportswear.

There is no Off-The-Rack carry on here.

Every customer who comes to us will proudly be able to say, “We are the only ones in this entire World that has this design in these colours.”

What does this mean? It means that Stellar will not replicate the same design/colour combination anywhere. How original is that! So you can be rest assured that next time you play or travel to another part of the country or overseas, no one else is going to look like you.

This is what sets Stellar apart from the rest.

Stellar prides ourselves on quality gear, tried and tested so that you get the best and look your best.

When it comes time to design your gear and you are not too sure about what to have on it, we are more than happy to come up with some examples for you and we can go from there.

Why does Stellar exist? We were born out of pure frustration! We, as Sports players and Graphic Designers were sick of paying exorbitant prices for low quality gear and Kindergarten designs. We love our gear and our designs and we know you will too. We serve our customers so that you can look great, feel great and play awesome!

Remember – we are not in this business to churn out crap! Each design we produce, we consider to be a work of art. Each design is a well thought out piece, from correct placement of lines and curves, to logo and names so that they are visible yet complimentary to the overall design, to how we even position our Logo Brand so that it does not essentially wreck the finished product.

We love our gear, we love our business, we love what we do. Every time we see a new customer smiling when they see their garments for the first time, or the photos we receive from clients from their first game or the team shot, really does reinstate to us why we are doing this and being Stellar!

Stellar Uniforms The Evolution of Sportswear Design

But who is Stellar?

Stellar are a small team of very dedicated individuals who are passionate about the movement of Stellar and all that it encompasses. We believe in ourselves as individuals and we believe in our designs, products and the business as a whole.

We play sport regularly, sometimes up to 4 times per week individually. We know a lot of people in the Sporting arena and regularly seek their advice. We understand how certain garments should fit and how certain garments should look – we have seen enough of them.

Design is our ‘Thing”, regardless on what Medium it is placed upon. We could be called “‘Emotive Designers”. When creating a new piece, it is emotion that directs us and more times than not, a story is placed within the context of the design created to give it more meaning.

The staff at Stellar are chosen for their passion for Sport, their passion for Design and their passion for Life.

We are not Sales People trying to shove something of no meaning down your throat and we won’t tell you what you want to hear.

We will guide you as best as we can. We will show you what works well as best as we can. We will continue to serve your needs continually and ongoing as best as we can.

Join us now and get officially “Stellarized!”.

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